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Teeth Whitening

Are discolored teeth taking a toll on your self-esteem? It may be time to whiten your smile.

At New Mexico Smile Center, we offer both professional in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments for your convenience.

Find out how Dr. Steve Ollason can help you achieve a more attractive smile at our Albuquerque, NM, dental practice...

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective treatment to address deep stains that build up over time on your enamel. While regular cleanings and whitening toothpaste can help, they can't address enamel that has already been compromised due to age, smoking, or drinking coffee and tea. Professional whitening is the best solution to achieve a brighter smile without damaging tooth enamel and uses highly effective ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide to penetrate stains.

Dramatic Results. One Appointment.

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Patients will typically experience a smile that is many shades brighter after undergoing an in-office teeth whitening treatment. At-home trays can achieve comparable results over an extended timeline.

The Unparalleled Advantages of Professional Whitening

While it may be tempting to reach for over-the-counter whitening toothpaste or strips at the store, they don't provide nearly the same results as getting your teeth whitened by a dentist. Professional bleaching at our Albuquerque office offers several advantages including:

Longer-Lasting Results

We use advanced Opalescence® whitening, which has been formulated to prevent shade relapse. The powerful solutions used in our whitening treatments are more resistant to future staining. This ensures your smile remains brighter longer without needing frequent retreatment.

Minimized Gum Irritation

Many patients experience gum irritation and sensitivity when trying to whiten their teeth. Our treatment options allow for better control over where the whitening gel is placed, reducing the likelihood that your gums will be exposed to the solution.

Thorough, Predictable Results

More uniform whitening is possible with professional treatment, whether the gel is applied precisely by the dentist or applied using custom trays. Even with custom trays, the gel can fill the hard-to-reach spaces that may be blocked with over-the-counter whitening strips or trays.

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The entire staff at this office is top notch! The quality of care that Dr. Ollason and his staff have for their patients is remarkable! I give my highest recommendation! I trust my dental care 100%! FIVE STARS!!!!!

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Dr. Ollason is a fantastic dentist and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I can honestly say I look forward to going to the dentist and I now smile with confidence thanks to New Mexico Smile Center!

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A Whiter Smile Is Within Reach Financing and More Available

While our whitening treatments may be more expensive upfront, these benefits provide patients with significantly greater value and long-lasting results. We accept CareCredit® financing since teeth whitening is not typically covered by dental insurance. For patients without insurance, we also offer discounts through our Dental Benefits Program at our Albuquerque practice.

We also offer a program called Bleaching for Life. We take impressions of your teeth for a one-time, upfront cost and create custom whitening trays. Each time you attend your routine cleaning appointment, you receive a free tube of bleaching gel. We believe each patient deserves a stunning smile and are happy to reward those who maintain their regular cleanings and exams.

Our Teeth Whitening Options

At New Mexico Smile Center in Albuquerque, NM, we offer two types of teeth whitening: in-office and take-home.
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In-Office Whitening

Dr. Ollason administers the in-office Opalescence treatment. First, he will apply the whitening solution, which contains safe and effective ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, potassium nitrate, and fluoride. The brushed tip of the whitening tool allows him to precisely apply the whitening solution to the surfaces of your teeth. Since this solution is chemically activated, lasers are not required. Patients can expect this process to take about one hour. Results typically last about one year.

Whitening tray and gel

Take-Home Whitening

We also use Opalescence for our take-home whitening system. Patients receive customized whitening trays designed to fit their bite and syringes of whitening gel to use at their convenience. Once you are finished with your at-home treatment, you should brush your teeth and use a soft toothbrush to remove any remaining gel from the trays. Depending on the concentration of the solution we have provided, you may wear your trays for as little as 15 minutes per day or overnight.

What if I Have Internal Tooth Discoloration?

If you have discoloration on one tooth coming from within the tooth itself, whitening can't address that type of concern. Our dentist can recommend an alternative treatment such as veneers, crowns, or dental bonding to conceal the discoloration for stunning results.

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Dr. Steve Ollason and the team at New Mexico Smile Center are dedicated to helping you create a healthy, radiant smile that lasts a lifetime. We are proudly affiliated with the: 

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